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Dr. Podell is a Co-Host on WOR 710 AM in New York City

Dr. Podell appears as co-host of the Willner Window radio show on WOR, AM 710 in New York City every Sunday afternoon from 2 to 4 P.M. This is a live call in show about health, with emphasis on nutritional, herbal and other natural therapies. Willner Chemists, perhaps the largest health oriented pharmacy in the U.S., sponsors the Willner Window. Willnerís chief pharmacists and owners Don Goldberg and Arnie Gitomer are hosts with Dr. Podell.

To find more information about the radio program please visit the Willner Window Radio Program. You may also see  excerpts from past Willner Window programs. Or, to listen live from anywhere  on the internet visit www.wor710.com and follow the instructions provided (sundays, 2-4 PM Eastern).

Willner Chemists

Dr. Podell recommends Willner Chemists as a source for nutritional products. They have two stores in Manhattan, one in Atlanta Georgia and an active mail-order service.

Willner Chemists is a great source for consumers.  They have pharmacists on staff, who talk to and advise customers both in person and by telephone. Willner carries an extraordinarily broad range of nutritional, herbal and homeopathic products, including most major brands. Their prices are low, and their sales are unbeatable. The owners, Don Goldberg and Arnie Gitomer, work hard to insure quality. Willner also provides a free link to HealthNotes, a database on natural products and integrative medicine. On HealthNotes you can check out potential interactions among your nutritional or herbal products and the medicines you may be taking.

Willner Chemists
100 Park Avenue
NY, NY 10017
800-633-1106 or 212-682-2817
FAX: 1-212-682-6192  
Near Grand Central Station
Willner Chemists
253 Broadway
NY, NY 10007
Near City Hall 

For questions you may contact AGitomer@Willner.com